Dear Valued Partner,

You are kindly asked to complete the following online form for submitting requests for training and exam material. This could be completed by invigilators, course organizers or partners. Please note that this form is for one request only. If you have two requests you must fill and submit two separate forms.


1.Please pay attention and read the placeholders with question mark (?) by placing mouse over.

2.Please note that  all of our training courses are available in English. If the training course you are ordering is in a language other than English, please contact us in advance.

3.To ensure that the materials are received well before in a timely manner the materials must be booked at least five (5) business days before the course start date.In case of urgency please contact our Customer Service at


6683 Jean Talon East, Suite 336

Montreal, QC

H1S 0A5 Canada

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